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Groove Music is the default music player for all Windows 10 devices and up until 2018, offered an unlimited music streaming service. At launch, Groove Music rated highest among Windows 10 1st party applications and continues to lead the pack with a rating of over 4 stars.
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The challenge

Making music...personal

Ahead of the 2017 Creators update, Groove Music focused on personalizing recommendations and customized playlists to help user retention. It was clear from research that conversion drastically improved if users had early positive experiences using Groove Music. In order to capture our user's interest, Groove Music needed to offer a personalized experience to delight customers and to set itself apart from competitors.

My role

I led the UX design of a new onboarding experience for the Groove Music pass which captured a user's music interests. The quick and intuitive experience guided users to select artists and genres so customized playlists and tailored recommendations could be made on day one.

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General polish

My impact on Groove Music would occassionally extend beyond strictly UX work and I would create updated UI designs for planned features. Most notably, before one release I lead the UI design for the Now playing view for phone, PC, and XBox.

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